Ladies Tour 2013
Posted by gandalph on January 29 2013 09:00:58
2013 Blackball Ladies Pool Tour

I am delighted to announce details of the 2013 Ladies Blackball Pool Tour which will commence on 2nd March, 2013. Dates for this year’s tour are noted below and I will confirm the venue being used for each event in your tour entry confirmation letter.

Tour Event 1 – 2nd March, 2013 (The Red Triangle, Cumbernauld)
Tour Event 2 – 13th April, 2013 (Cue Here, Airdrie)
Tour Event 3 – 13th July, 2013 (Corner Pocket, Dalkeith)

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Extended News
Tour Event 4 – 14th September, 2013 (The Red Triangle, Cumbernauld)
Tour Event 5 – 30th November, 2013 (Cue Here, Airdrie)

Entry for the 2013 Scottish ladies tour will be £100.00 (£20.00 per event). Your deposit of £50.00 is required by 24th February, 2013; this will secure your entry into the tour. The remaining balance of £50.00 must be paid by Event No. 2 (13th April, 2013). Any player who is not fully paid up by this event will be unable to compete until their total entry fee is paid, unless by prior arrangement with the event organiser.

If a new player wishes to join the tour after event 1, the undernoted entry fees must be paid prior to competing:-

Event No. 2 - £90.00 (£22.50 per event)
Event No. 3 - £75.00 (£25.00 per event)
Event No. 4 - £60.00 (£30.00 per event)
Event No. 5 - £30.00 (£30.00 per event)


Based on 32 entries: Based on 33 – 64 entries:
Winner: 9 points Winner: 10 points
Runner-up: 7 points Runner-up: 8 points
Semi-finalist: 6 points Semi-finalist: 7 points
Quarter-finalist: 5 points Quarter-finalist: 6 points
Last 16: 4 points Last 16: 5 points
Last 32: 3 points Last 32: 4 points
Being a member: 1 point Last 64: 3 points
Being a member: 1 point

The top eight players from last year’s tour will be seeded for the 2013 season. The ranking system will run over a two year period. Once again this year, at the end of all five events the top eight Scottish players in the rankings will be GUARANTEED an international place in either the Scotland Ladies A or one of the B teams for the following season. As regular entrants are aware, we have run a new proposed ranking system during 2010, 2011 & 2012; a decision will be made before commencement of the 2013 on which ranking system we will use; I will updated the ladies website with both completed ranking systems.

I would also like to inform you at this stage the tour will be closed and therefore only Scottish players are eligible to enter. This decision goes against the feedback from you guys (questionnaire) but after recent discussions with some players, the opinion of my players has changed and therefore reflected in this year’s events.

I have also been working on a timing schedule which will allow our tour events to be double elimination, giving you all more pool for your money.

I look forward to receiving your entry but should any queries arise, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Sport,

(Sgd) Yvonne Ewing

Yvonne Ewing,
Team Manager