2011 Scottish Ladies Tour - Event 4
Posted by Steenie on November 22 2011 12:56:12
Scottish Ladies Tour - Event 4
Hustlers, Rosyth

The venue for the 2011 Ladies Blackball Tour Event 4 was Hustlers in Rosyth. With the 2011 Scottish Ladies Singles Championship only a week away, there was a very good turnout for this event. Once again, as ladies team manager it pleases me to say that once again there was some cracking pool played throughout this event by various players.
Extended News
Last 32

The first match in this event was Nicola Keenan against Vandana Hegde; Wee V was always in control through the match and secured a comfortable 6-3 victory. Gemma Keenan had a fantastic victory over Shetland a internationalist Donna McComb in her first round match, winning by 6 frames to 2.

Sonia Tingley was defeated by Gaynor McHaffie at the first hurdle, Gaynor winning by 6 frames to 3. Scotland A team mates Kathy Paton and Claire Dempster provided an entertaining match to watch, Claire always the stronger winning comfortably by 6 frames to 2.

Anne Irvine against Lisa Dominick was a difficult match to predict as both players are capable of winning matches, it was very close throughout until Anne secured the tenth frame to win by 6 frames to 4. Angela Frain played very well against Jackie Williamson and progressed to the last 16 courtesy of a very good 6-3 victory.

Gemma Clyde defeated Sandra Bell by 6 frames to 3, well done Gemma; Fiona Herd had a fantastic result as she defeated Diane Colville by 6 frames to 4 to progress to the last 16.

Katie Paterson played very well in her victory over Michelle Cohen, winning comfortably by 6 frames to 2, Michelle is getting better at every event and I am sure through time, she will start to win matches, keep it up Michelle.

Jenny Lawson defeated Shetland internationalist Rachael Sutherland by 6 frames to 3, another brilliant result for Jenny. Kim Black against Amanda Cutt is a match that always seems to go the distance, this time was no different as Amanda came from 5-2 down to secure four in a row and book her place in the last 16.

Last 16

Yvonne Saunders was against Vandana Hegde in the last 16; Yvonne is ever consistent at the tour and reached yet another quarter final courtesy of a fine 6-3 victory.

Gemma Keenan had a brilliant result here, defeating a team internationalist Gaynor McHaffie convincingly by 6 frames to 2, well done Gemma.

Claire Dempster defeated Terri Lapsley by 6 frames to 3, from what I saw Terri had chances to win this match but didnít take them; Claire did and booked her slot in the quarter finals.

Gillian Hayes and Anne Irvine were caught up in a match that was tough to call and went to the wire; Gillian used her team experience and secured a final frame victory.

Angela Frain continued playing very well as she defeated Laura Colquhoun convincingly by 6 frames to 3, very good win Angela.

Fiona Herd progressed to the quarter final after she held her nerve in the final frame to defeat Gemma Clyde 6-5.

Jenny Lawson and Katie Paterson was a cracking match to watch, both players had their chance to win the match and Jenny managed to secure the final frame victory.

Yvonne Ewing against Amanda Cutt wasnít a brilliant match to watch, both players struggling to find some form, Yvonne scraped through, winning by 6 frames to 4.

Quarter Finals

Yvonne Saunders was against Gemma Keenan, Gemma could have won the match had she taken her chances but Yvonne showed her experience, winning by 6 frames to 4, well done Yvonne.

Claire Dempster was clinical in her 6-1 victory over Gillian Hayes, well done Claire.

Angela Frain against Fiona Herd was a match that went to the wire, well done Angela on progressing to the semi final.

Jenny Lawson fully deserved her 6-5 victory over Yvonne Ewing in the quarter final and book her semi final spot for the second event in a row.


Yvonne Saunders was against current EBA Ladies World Champion, Claire Dempster in the first semi final, Claire was looking very confident and progressed to the final courtesy of a 6-3 victory.

The second semi final was Angela Frain against Jenny Lawson, from what I saw of this match, there were a lot of missed opportunities from both players, possibly suffering from some nerves, well done Angela Frain on securing your final spot courtesy of a 6-4 victory.


The final of event 4 was Claire Dempster against Angela Frain. Angela took a 2-0 lead before Claire got a foot-hole in the match. Claire then cued well and managed to win six in a row to secure her second tour title of the season, Hustlers seems to be a favourable venue for you Claire, well done.

The top sixteen rankings are as undernoted, well done girls.

Rank Name Pts
1 Yvonne Ewing 55
2 Linda Gillies 46
3 Claire Dempster 44
4 Yvonne Saunders 41
5 Gillian Hayes 37
6 Laura Colquhoun 36
7 Katie Paterson 35
8 Terri Lapsley 33
9 Gaynor McHaffie 31
10 Jenny Lawson 30
11 Lynsey Selkirk 29
12 Kathy Paton 28
13 Vandana Hegde 28
14 Kim Black 26
15 Amanda Cutt 26
16 Gemma Keenan 25
17 Sandra Bell 25
18 Gemma Clyde 25
19 Diane Colville 25

Event 4 - Plate

Congratulations go to Kathy Paton who trounced everyone at 14-1 as the plate event. Also I would like to mention Sonia Tingley who finished in second spot; again this is 100% payout of entries received. The 14-1 proved to be very popular and will be included in every event hereafter, albeit in different formats (14-1, speed pool, winner stays on).

Thank you to Daz, Tracey and the staff in Hustlers for looking after the girls throughout the day; your support for the ladies tour series is really appreciated. Without sponsors, we couldnít run the events we do, so thank you.