2011 Scottish Ladies Tour Event 1
Posted by Steenie on April 05 2011 21:39:47
Event No. 1 – 26th March 2011
Hustlers, Rosyth

The venue was the well known Hustler’s Pool Hall, Rosyth for the first event in the 2011 series. Daz and Tracey made the ladies feel very welcome in the venue as usual and the tables were in fantastic condition for the event. Thirty two ladies have intimated their intention to play in this year’s events and a few new players are welcomed to the fold; including Donna McComb and Rachel Sutherland, both Shetland A internationalists, Sonia Tingley, Welsh B internationalist. Scotland B internationalist Jane Doig made her return to the tour series this year as well, so welcome girls, hope you all enjoy the series in 2011.

The top 10 finalised rankings for 2010 were as follows and credit to Linda Gillies who retained the No. 1 spot for the second year in succession.

1 Linda Gillies
2 Yvonne Ewing
3 Yvonne Saunders
4 Gillian Hayes
5 Elaine Campbell
6 Leanne Evans
7 Pauline Selkirk
8 Laura Colquhoun
9 Terri Lapsley
10 Katie Paterson

red denotes seeds from 2010
Extended News
Last 32

First match of the 2011 season saw Gemma Keenan against Bridlington Scotland B2 debutant Sandra Bell, Gemma progressed to the last 16 after a hard fought 6-3 victory.

Shetland A internationalist Amanda Cutt defeated Nicola Keenan by 6 frames to 2. Gaynor McHaffie defeated Lynsey Selkirk by 6 frames to 3 in an entertaining match to watch. Kathy Paton against Krystyna Goudie was a tough match to call but Kathy came through to progress courtesy of a fine 6-4 victory.

Welsh player and tour debutant Sonia Tingley was the next match against Scotland B player Gemma Clyde, Sonia looked to be playing very well in securing a very comfortable 6-2 victory. Kim Black against Shetland internationalist Donna McComb was a very good match that went to a final frame, Kim progressed though showing grit and determination to win the match.

Vandana Hegde comfortably defeated Lisa Dominick by 6 frames to 1. Jane Doig looked to be playing very well in her first tour match back, defeating Jenny Lawson by 6 frames to 2.

WPA World Champion Claire Dempster was up against it from start to finish when playing a very good Rachel Sutherland, Claire showed just why she is world champion after she came back from 5-2 down to snatch victory in a final frame decider, winning 6 frames to 5.

Last 16

Yvonne Ewing was up against Gemma Keenan in the first last 16 match, it was a decent match to watch and the 6-2 score liner flattered Yvonne as it could have been so much closer. Gaynor McHaffie was playing very well and looked in complete control throughout her match against Amanda Cutt which she won by 6 frames to 2.

Laura Colquhoun against Kathy Paton was a nervy affair with both players playing reasonably well and having their chance to secure victory, Laura missed a chance to close the match out 6-4 but missed and Kathy took the match to a decider, Laura took away a very good clearance to progress to the quarter final.

Another match that went all the way to a deciding frame was Gillian Hayes against Sonia Tingley; Sonia came through in the final frame to progress to the quarter finals in her first event. Yvonne Saunders was showing some good form in her match against Kim Black and progressed with a good 6-4 victory; this set up a quarter final against Terri Lapsley after she defeated Vandana Hegde by 6 frames to 4.

Jane Doig, another player in decent form defeated Falkirk’s Katie Paterson by 6 frames to 3. Arguably the tie of the round was the current WPA World Champion, Claire Dempster against the current Scottish champion and No. 1 ranked player Linda Gillies. It was a tough match to call with both players battling it out, Linda missed a few chances and Claire took full advantage, winning this battle by 6 frames to 3.

Quarter Finals

The first quarter final put Yvonne Ewing against Gaynor McHaffie, both players played reasonably well throughout the match which Yvonne won by 6 frames to 1. Laura Colquhoun took out some fantastic finishes against Sonia Tingley to progress to the semi final courtesy of an impressive 6-3 victory.

Yvonne Saunders against Terri Lapsley was a difficult match to call but Yvonne stepped up to the mark and played very well in progressing to the semi final by 6 frames to 2. The fourth quarter final was a good match to watch, Jane and Claire served up a decent encounter in which Claire was just too good, progressing to the semi final courtesy of a good 6-4 victory.

Semi Finals

The two semi finals couldn’t have been any different. Yvonne Ewing against Laura Colquhoun went to the wire, both players winning frames “against the serve” so to speak. Both players had a chance to win the match in the final frame and on her second attempt Yvonne progressed to the final, winning by 6 frames to 5. Claire Dempster against Yvonne Saunders was a quick match with both players going for finishes; Claire progressed to her third final in the last 4 events and looked to be in devastating form, securing victory by 6 frames to 1.


Yvonne Ewing against Claire Dempster was the first final of the season and from start to finish, I can honestly say Claire was too good for me. She hardly misses a ball in this form and she demolished me in the final by 5 frames to 1. It was a treat to watch and credit where credit is due, every time I came to the table if I missed a pot or even hung a ball, she finished the frame. Very well done Claire, fantastic for all spectators (including me)

Rankings after Event 1 (Provisional)

1 Yvonne Ewing 35
2 Linda Gillies 34
3 Claire Dempster 32
4 Laura Colquhoun 26
5 Yvonne Saunders 26
6 Terri Lapsley 26
7 Gillian Hayes 26
8 Gaynor McHaffie 25
9 Katie Paterson 24
10 Lynsey Selkirk 23

NB: The new ranking system will be updated and a comparison posted online in the next week.

Thanks to Tracey, Daz and all the staff at Hustler’s for looking after the girls over the course of the day, without event sponsors pool in Scotland wouldn’t be where it is today. I am already looking forward to Event No. 2 on 21st May in Cue Here, Airdrie.