Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Event 3 Finals

Posted by yvonne on 27-05-2010 09:30

The three ladies that qualified for Event 3 finals are playing at the following times:-

Yvonne Ewing -v- Mike McHardy - 11.30 hrs
Katie Paterson -v- Danny Lunn - 12.30 hrs
Jenny Lawson -v- Kevin Nicolson - 13:30 hrs

Finals are being held on 5th & 6th June in the Chieftain Hotel, Inverness.

Good luck ladies.

Posted by yvonne on 06-06-2010 22:37

Update on the ladies who qualified for Inverness.

Jenny Lawson was defeated 6 frames to 0 by Kevin Nicolson.
Katie Paterson was defeated 6 frames to 1 by Danny Lunn.
Yvonne Ewing won her first match by 6 frames to 1. She then defeated Hugh Thomson from Ayr by 6 frames to 4 before Ross McInnes beat her by 6 frames to 1 in the last 32.
Linda Gillies (qualified through Inverness) was defeated 6 frames to 0 by Martin Fisher.

All in all a good weekend with the ladies playing some solid pool.

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Posted by Steenie on 07-06-2010 12:24

Well done Sir :D