Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Ladies Grand Prix Pool Series 2010, Cardiff

Posted by Claire on 01-03-2010 12:41

Just a quick run down of the 1st event for you all, lots of tough matches and as high a standard as ever. More "newbies" too with Laura Pearce and Sally Daniels from Wales as well as Becky Lecky, Paj and Julia all from England which is great. The 2nd event has had to be moved as the English have changed their tour dates so we would have lost all of them. It will now be on Saturday 12th June, can everyone please check this will be ok for them as it's extemely difficult to please everyone?

Main Event

Quarters Finals

Lucy Williams 2 v 6 Kylie Thomas
Sarah Trudget 6 v 4 Jo Rowland
Becky Lecky 3 v 6 Amanda Watson
Kirsty Davies 6 v 5 Mandy Palmer

Semi Finals

Kylie Thomas 3 v 6 Trudge
Amanda Watson 4 v 6 Kirsty Davies


Trudge 2 v 7 Kirsty



Paj beat Laura Griffiths
Claire beat Kat Claber


Claire beat laura 4-0

Well done all involved, you can see an improvement in some of the less experienced players which is great. Big well done to Kirsty coming through some top talent - Jenny Leavens - Mandy Palmer - Amanda Watson - Trudge.

Thanks to all who attended.