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Posted by yvonne on 11-09-2015 18:03

The SPA are pleased to announce the 2015 Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship will be held in Pennies Bar on Sunday 18th October, 2015.

Entry is 20.00 per team (same as last year) with all entry fees being paid out in the prize fund.

Can all entries please be submitted to me before the closing date of Sunday 11th October, 2015 and can you please note that all entries submitted are liable for payment.

Any questions, fire away.


I will update this forum as the entries come in

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Posted by yvonne on 20-09-2015 22:55

Susan Scotland/Garry Mitchell
Yvonne Ewing/Scott Gillespie
Elaine Ewing/John Reid
Kim Marshall/Chris Ferrier
Jenny Lawson/Danny Turner
Netty Anderson/Alan Reynolds Jnr
Lynsey Selkirk/Ross Fernie
Donna McComb/Chris Pringle
Katie Paterson/Steven Bennie
Gillian Hayes/Antz Morrison
Kim Black/Simon Dixon
Angie Frain/Jamie Lynn
Jane Doig/Brian York
Val Fordyce/Aidan Fleming
Kathy Paton/George Paton Jnr
Rachael Sutherland/Liam Dunster
Gemma Keenan/Graeme Sillars
Debs Breen/Wayne Crole

18 teams and counting ..............

Posted by Gem on 25-09-2015 13:41

Yvonne add myself and David Rooney to the list please.

Done, list updated on SPA site, click link below:


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