Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: 2015 SPA Ladies Tour Event 4

Posted by yvonne on 11-09-2015 17:45

Will be held in Pennies Bar, Falkirk on Saturday 19th September, 2015. Doors open at 10.30am with play commencing at 11.00am.

Everyone will be made welcome and I would ask area reps/players to encourage any female players to come along and have a go. Scottish ladies pool needs help to grow its numbers so please Scottishpool, do your bit and ask, encourage and even bring any female players our there along to this event.

- Dress code is trousers, shoes and collared top.
- All matches are best of 11 frames
- 20 entry fee
- Plate event (for anyone knocked out before Q/F stage)

Any questions, please post on here and a member of the ladies committee will answer asap.

Posted by yvonne on 19-09-2015 12:52

Ailsa Gunning 0 v 6 Gemma Clyde
Sandra Bell 2 v 6 Gemma Keenan

Gillian Hayes 6 v 2 Amanda Cutt
Val Fordyce 3 v 6 Yvonne Saunders
Sandra Bell 2 v 6 Gemma Keenan
Lynsey Selkirk 5 v 6 Laura Colquhoun
Jenny Lawson 6 v 3 Katie Paterson
Kim Black 5 v 6 Angela Frain
Kathy Paton 1 v 6 Gemma Clyde
Lisa Slavin 2 v 6 Yvonne Ewing

Gillian Hayes 6 v 5 Yvonne Saunders
Gemma Keenan 1 v 6 Laura Colquhoun
Jenny Lawson 6 v 3 Angela Frain
Gemma Clyde 1 v 6 Yvonne Ewing

Gillian Hayes 4 v 6 Laura Colquhoun
Jenny Lawson 0 v 6 Yvonne Ewing

Laura Colquhoun 3 v 6 Yvonne Ewing

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