Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS!!!

Posted by Claire on 22-07-2009 09:15

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Evil Yvo, happy birthday to yooooou!xxxx:birthday:

Posted by Bapsley on 22-07-2009 09:31

Happy Bday Yvo xx

Posted by Elaine on 22-07-2009 16:54

Happy birthday aul yin.

It's a bugger gettin auld innit? ;)


Posted by yvonne on 22-07-2009 23:33

Thanks you three xxx

Posted by LynseyS on 30-07-2009 17:13

Happy belated Birthday!! I haven't been on,so a bit behind the times :whoosh:

Posted by Anne on 02-08-2009 21:36


I hope you had a good een x