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Posted by yvonne on 18-09-2013 23:04


Hi ladies,

Scottish Pool Association,
2014 Individual Membership.

Entries are now being accepted for the 2014 Scottish Pool Association Individual Membership Events. At the last SPA meeting there were a few changes made by the membership, details below:-

1. There will now be six (6) ranking events per year.
2. Cost will be £30 per year for the 6 events, fantastic value for money.
3. The international fund will be subsidised by 1/7th of the entry fees taken, leaving payout similar to that of this year (entry dependent).

I would urge all lady players to enter the IM series as it not only provides fantastic value for money but entering through the ladies area means we can remain part of the Super 11’s and Super 15’s SPA events. I would therefore request that you pay your subscription by the closing date which is strictly 21st October, 2013 (entries have to be given at the SPA meeting in November, 2013).

1. Cheques are to be made payable to “SPA Individual Membership” and sent to me at the address noted below.
2. All qualifying matches will be best of 11 frames.
3. There will be a final date set for all qualifying matches but players can organise their own ties if its easier.
4. The Individual Membership is not compulsory for lady players again this year but if you wish to be part of the ladies Super 11’s and Super 15’s teams you have to be registered in the IM through the ladies area. I would therefore request that you pay your subscription by the closing date noted above.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our IM representative, Gillian Hayes (email address can be obtained from this correspondence). All information is also on our website and facebook page.

Yours in Sport,

(Sgd) Yvonne Ewing

Yvonne Ewing,
Team Manager.