Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Friendly - Pennies (plus 15's tourney)

Posted by k-patz on 06-08-2013 14:13

Santa has very kindly offered to have the Scotland Ladies in Pennies for a friendly, so we are looking to see what dates could suit.... if anyone prefers Friday nights for example, this is possible too. Date to follow.

Also, he is running a Super 15's warm up tourney on Saturday October 19th and has offered the Ladies free entry. Can people please post here if they are available to play in this, good 1 frame practice against good opposition!


Posted by yvonne on 06-08-2013 22:42

I'm in x

Posted by Gill on 11-08-2013 14:33

Yeah I can make it. X

Posted by Gem on 11-08-2013 16:06

I'm nightshift but could come for a little while during the day.

Posted by Saunders on 13-08-2013 09:36

should be ok for me

Posted by Jenny on 13-08-2013 18:31

im in if it falls on my weekend off x

Posted by Nickie_k on 13-08-2013 20:30

Should be ok to attend in October ;-)

Posted by k-patz on 07-10-2013 11:49

Reminder! This is a week on Saturday


I'll send texts out to people as well. Can everyone wear the blue Scotland t-shirts with whatever you want ie jeans etc, same as Jenny's in Dalkieith.

Apart from FIONA HERD - you just freestyle and wear what the feck you want you will anyway LOL

Posted by Wendy on 08-10-2013 10:29

I'm working sorry x

Posted by Gem on 08-10-2013 16:03

So sorry I can't make this but nightshift beckons.....

Good luck girls and thanks to K-Patz for organising this.


Posted by k-patz on 16-10-2013 20:31

Reminder - this is this coming Saturday!

NO DRESS CODE - this has changed as we all don't have the same shirt.

Look forward to seeing you there :scot:

Posted by Michelle Cohen on 17-10-2013 21:27

I'll be there. See you all then. Look forward to catching up. x

Posted by Jenny on 18-10-2013 13:09

Hope its a great success chick. Im working so cant make it xx