Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Fundraiser 3rd march

Posted by Nickie_k on 31-01-2013 19:04

Hey guys

I said to Yvonne about me organising something in East Kilbride for a lil change.

After speaking to some guys this week they showed some interest in putting a team together to play a ladies team.

Also run 14-1 and a side tournament too.

I have posted on Ek forum to see actual interest and propose it for 3rd march as will give the girls practise before supers and brid.

Suggesting 10 entry from all participants.

Half the money made on the day will be prize money and other half to ladies teams.

Could also run a doubles tournament with one of the ladies and one of the Ek lads??

Anyway. Would there be enough ladies free this day to run a wee team?? I know it's day after tour but we all like a pool weekend lol

Posted by LynseyS on 01-02-2013 08:06

It's the Penicuik league finals day that day, so unfortunately I wuoldn't be able to make that (and maybe a couple of others).

Good idea though x

Posted by Nickie_k on 01-02-2013 14:10

Yeah there's a thinks on in bar 147 too so weekend before

So 23/24 feb??