Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Cardiff Grand Prix - 3rd Event

Posted by Claire on 06-07-2009 10:01

FYI: Just a reminder to all would be entrants that the 3rd event is this Saturday, Rileys City Rd, Cardiff 10.45 for 11am draw please. There are 30 confirmed definites with few more expected to trickle in so the best numbers yet. Standard is brilliant, with Scottish (the best obviously), Welsh and English Internationals there really is no hiding place. Any who haven't already entered then let me know asap please as you will not get better match practice in any ladies comp in the UK i don't think.

Confirmed entries so far:

CONF Laura Griffiths
CONF Leanne Evans
CONF Mandy Palmer
CONF Kylie Thomas
CONF Jane Doig
CONF Carol Rees
CONF Sue McConnell
CONF Michelle Emery
CONF Natalie Bunce
CONF Kirsty Davies
CONF Dawn Covill
CONF Amanda Watson
CONF Lucy Williams

CONF Jo Thomas
CONF Kat Claber
CONF Helen Lewis
CONF Claire Dempster
CONF Sonia Tingley
CONF Michelle Jackson
CONF Sara Trudget
CONF Becky Corfield
CONF Jo Rowland
CONF Katie Paterson
CONF Gaynor McHaffie
? Marion Hughes
CONF Sally Davies
CONF Becky Lecky
CONF Jenny Leavens
? Laura Rimron
CONF Yvonne Ewing
CONF Elaine Campbell
? Karen Chester
CONF Donna Davies
NA Gill Hayes
NA Gemma Clyde
NA Steenie Goudie
NA Nicola Glass
NA Denise Laing

Roll on Saturday, can't wait!