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Posted by yvonne on 21-06-2009 08:16

On behalf of the Scottish Ladies I would like to give Paul Preston (SPA Coach) a massive thank you for coming along to our tour event yesterday (20th June) in Rileys, Ledard Road.

He came along and stayed the majority of the day giving advice and guidance to the ladies who ranged from new players to experienced internationalists, all of whom benefited from his advice.

The best accolade I can give is after the ladies spent some time with Paul, they came and asked when the next session was.

Special mention also to Mrs PP (Helen) who also gave up her time to come along, patience of a saint lol.

So thank you Paul for giving up your Saturday and I am confident when I say "roll on the next session".

Posted by Claire on 22-06-2009 20:56

Any chance he could pop down to Cardiff?:o

Posted by yvonne on 23-06-2009 09:00

Claire wrote:
Any chance he could pop down to Cardiff?:o

Maybe when you attend event 3, you will get some time with Paul.

Posted by yvonne on 15-07-2009 23:16

Right ladies, another session for coaching from Paul in the next few weeks - will be held in Cue Here one evening, can you please let me know what dates suit............

Posted by Saunders on 17-07-2009 16:42

any mon/tues night would be good for me

Posted by Elaine on 22-07-2009 17:03

any nights suit me really - our league doesn't start up again until September.

Posted by Gill on 22-07-2009 19:07

Any night does me too.

Posted by PaulPreston on 26-08-2009 22:53

Now that I am a registered member of your site I would like to thank you for your time you spent with me at your tour event.

It isnt always easy to strike good rapport with people when coaching initially. There is always scepticism, nervourness to approach etc but over the course of the coaching people became more and more comfortable with it all.

The distinct impression I got was that you were all so so keen to improve, but never had the opportuunities to be given any guidance and/or instruction.

When I first spoke to your boss, Yvonne on the topic she was very keen for me to assist and build you all cue actions and a foundation in which to prosper. She saw the need for you all to become more accomplished players and for the national teams to become even stronger . (Believe she had mentioned to me the standard of cueing from the French ladies).

Please, please dont think for one minute that I am blowing my own trumpet as the proof will be in the pudding. But as I have said to Yvonne given time and people working on their games I am more than sure a high percentage of you will become far far better players and competitors with my help.

In hindsight I should have joined your site earlier so we could all diary where and when we will meet up whether it be collectively or even individually.

Please feel free to PM me or whatever as I now know you realise that I do not bite.

I have said enough but would again like to thank all of you who actively participated that day and will liaise with Yvonne and work out some hard and fast dates for us all to move on.

All The Best

Paul Preston

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Posted by Claire on 27-08-2009 13:11

Hi Paul, i haven't had the pleasure yet, what's the chances of you popping down to Cardiff as i need all the help i can get lol? :-)