Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Tour Event 5 (Series final)

Posted by yvonne on 09-12-2011 09:45

Bapsley wrote:
Massive well done to Kim thats brilliant doll!!

Unlucky to Yvonne

61 seconds is a ridiculous time, well done Angie

Also big well done to Jenny for posting the results on the site, something which should have been done days ago

As always a write up is in the process of being completed Terri and will be onlined as soon as I get it done.

A good day had by all, started off with rolls for everyone and plenty of pool.

Kim played really well all day and thoroughly deserved to win this event; as for the speedpool Angie had one go and completed the table in 61 seconds, awesome and its good to have her back playing.

Also we had a 14-1 competition which I won ;)