Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Kilsyth League Team in dire straits

Posted by Elaine on 02-02-2011 22:08

Don't suppose anyone on here will be, but I promised JC I'd put this on here too. Anyone available on a Tusday til the end of the season? Our team is in serious danger of folding, which would be a shame as I fear a few of our players would chuck pool altogether if we did. We've been together a while with the same nucleus of about 10 or so, but changes to work and a car accident have lost us a few of our die hards. The Kilsyth League was very supportive of the ladies in the past as well.

hi guys i'm looking for 2 or 3 players to boost my pool team in kilsyth. too many players are struggling to attend with work commitments etc so i'm trying to boost the numbers. we play on a tuesday night from sept to may. we play out of the parkfoot social to the police stn, across from the caochman hotel. if anyone is interested pm me here or contact me 07974008937. cheers john coyle