Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Event 5

Posted by yvonne on 04-01-2011 20:32

Reminder of Event No. 5 of the ladies tour, all a players are excluded.

Can everyone please let me know if they are attending Event No. 5 which is beind held in Cue Here, Airdrie on 15th January, 2011; event will commence at 11:00Hrs. i WILL UPDATE THIS POST AS PLAYERS CONFIRM

Players attending

Jenny Lawson
Laura Colquhoun
Fiona Herd
Gemma Clyde
Vandana Hegde
Kim Black
Sandra Bell
Pauline Selkirk
Lynsey Selkirk
Lisa Dominic
Nicola Treanor
Anne Irvine
Katie Paterson

Not attending

Terri Lapsley
Jackie Williamson
Heather Stewart

Any more?

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Posted by Jenny on 04-01-2011 20:54

i will be there yvonne x

Posted by Laura on 05-01-2011 10:57

I'm in

Posted by effy on 05-01-2011 13:24

Me, V and Clyde will be there:yay:

Posted by Elaine on 05-01-2011 21:19

effy wrote:
Me, V and Clyde will be there:yay:

Well in that case, I could be persuaded to head up for a glass of lemonade.

Posted by kim on 07-01-2011 11:16

il b there or at least my cue will b

Posted by SandraB on 07-01-2011 13:51

I'll be there x

Posted by polly on 09-01-2011 16:25

Me and Lynz will both be there x

Posted by Lisa on 11-01-2011 16:26

I will be there.x

Posted by nicola_dundee on 11-01-2011 16:32

I will be there :) xx

Posted by Anne on 12-01-2011 12:19

Me too :D

Posted by yvonne on 12-01-2011 15:28

I unfortunately wont make it on Saturday, Gillian Hayes has kindly agreed to run the tour for me.

I will have information on here (and emailed to you all) in the next day or so for the 2011 tour.

Good luck to everyone attending.

Posted by Bapsley on 12-01-2011 16:23

I wont be able to make this event, sorry

Posted by k-patz on 13-01-2011 08:09

I'll be there

Posted by Jacky on 13-01-2011 10:05

I wont be able to make this one sorry

Posted by Hev on 13-01-2011 21:07

Can't make this one, sorry x

Posted by Gill on 14-01-2011 09:50


Posted by Laura on 14-01-2011 12:25

Is it 10 entry?

Posted by Gill on 14-01-2011 17:28

Yes its 10 entry (to be paid tomorrow).

Posted by Jenny on 15-01-2011 22:23

well done pauline xx

Posted by Anne on 15-01-2011 23:10

Congratulations Pauline xx well played Jenny xx

Posted by yvonne on 16-01-2011 21:53

Delighted for your Pauline, well done missus.

Unlucky Jenny but well done also in reaching the final.

Posted by LynseyS on 18-01-2011 10:58

Congratulations to Pauline and Jenny on reaching the final!! Well done to P for winning it :)

Well done girls!! xx