Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Pink T-Shirts

Posted by yvonne on 13-04-2009 16:28

After returning from Brid, I have still to receive payment of 20.00 from the following players for their new pink t-shirts.

Yvonne Ewing
Gillian Hayes
Shona Lucas
Denise Laing
Claire Dempster
Yvonne Saunders (ive got yours)
Diane Colville
Fiona Herd
Terri Lapsley
Carol Hunter

All the rest of the girls have paid except Jenny who got hers for free as she got the sponsorship and was also a sponsor - thanks Jenny.

Now, I have washed a pile I brought home and they seem ok (15 mins of the wash to go lol) so it looks like there may have been a fault in our machine in the flat with the few that were washed there, Jenny I will let you know which shirts need re-ordered (I also need you to order a set of t-shirts for Karlyn Coghill).