Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: Challenge in subo county

Posted by Gaynor on 21-10-2010 10:55

Hi all know this is short notice my local would like us to come play there team on the 29th october as many as poss would be appreciated 100 pound for the fund 7pm happy vally hotel Blackburn thanks x

Posted by Claire on 21-10-2010 12:58

I'm in!!! Lol sorry babe, would if i was teeny bit closer but i'm sure you'll get a few takers x

Posted by Saunders on 21-10-2010 13:03

i should be ok for that x

Posted by Gill on 21-10-2010 14:26

I think me, Gem and Steenie might be up for this depending what time Steenie's choo choo gets in!

Posted by Gaynor on 21-10-2010 18:56

good stuff the more the merrier cheers ladies

Posted by yvonne on 21-10-2010 19:08

At the moment im backshift but trying to get a change of shift doll, will let you know x

Posted by Steenie on 21-10-2010 23:25

i'll get an early choo choo up. i'm up for a bit of subo

Posted by yvonne on 26-10-2010 09:28

Gaynor, I will be able to attend - managed to get evening off work.

Any more details?

Posted by yvonne on 27-10-2010 11:24

Spoken to Gaynor this morning, the friendly match has unfortunately had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances with the pub and also lack of confirmed numbers.

Hopefully this can be re-arranged at a later date.