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Posted by Elaine on 06-09-2010 19:59

I pressed reply to all in the email, but when I did it looks like it's only going to a few, not all of the mailing list, so I'll post my reply on here.

The email asked for suggestions for improving the site, and building up the user base.

Just for everyone's info, if you did have any suggestions to make, we currently have the following, unused (with the exception of Facebook I think), on the site

Birthday Panel
wap version of the site
Google ads for generating income
enhanced member panels which would double as a personal profile
Member database (for above newsletter purposes)
chatroom (a full chatroom, not the one on the right of the homepage)
RSS feed panel (where we can display external news from any other sites - eg the SPA site)
Suggestion box
Bebo panel (which I have removed from the front page as it hadn't been updated since last year)

We also have that can be used (these were created for the main site but also never used)

Small ads scheme
bespoke suggestion form (the above is a generic php fusion one)
Goods and services directory
Paypal button and account
Online event entry form
Online teamsheet submission facility (used on some league sites, including Kilsyth - my guinea pigs! ;-) )
Youtube page and account

The point of this is just to bear in mind that there are a lot of things in existence

If we no longer wish to use any of them, Steenie or I can take them off, or we can start using them.

For my own suggestions I'd like to see

Facebook integration (for users AND the site)
Coaching videos
a regular blog posts/guest articles - well actually any articles really, that aren't event reports
Fun (or prize) competitions - like Fantasy footy or something to keep us all visiting week after week
A method to allow us to pay money into the main account to save up throughout the year - paypal would work for this (God, how many years have I been asking for this, but they say god loves a trier!!)

Ach - that's enough for now - looks like a rant - fire away.

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