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17/03/2018 21:26
Ladies - we should make more use of this website

14/07/2014 10:28
Can someone please put a link up to the IM draw

21/10/2013 14:33
Not sure Jenny, Gill is the person to ask as she is the Rep. Hoping the ladies still enter so we can get a team in 11s and hopefully 15s for 2014.

18/10/2013 13:12
How many ladies are entering the 2014 IM?

16/05/2013 22:20
Selection email have been sent.

02/05/2013 10:08
About And i will reschedule

02/05/2013 10:07
Girls the fundraiser I had organised is cancelled, fe other things happening on that day and I need to work as both my staff have decided to take holidays at the same time grrrrr can you all pass word

01/03/2013 21:13
I hope the tour doesnt go on that late Yvonne lol x

01/03/2013 16:44
11:00pm, car park outside red triangle cumbernauld!!!

22/02/2013 21:44
Time dat and venue gem for group hug? love


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Event 3 - 5th September, 2009
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Posted on 15-07-2009 23:14
Super Admin

Posts: 1069
Joined: 23.03.09

Event No. 3 of the Jacques Scottish Ladies Tour is being held in Rileys, Queen Ann Street, Dunfermline on Saturday 5th September, 2009.

The address of the club is:-
25 Queen Ann Street,
KY12 7BA.
Telephone: 01383 733555

Play will commence at 11:30 Hrs so everyone has to be at the club for 11:00 Hrs to enable us to start the competition on time.

Can I please request that everyone lets me know if they are able to attend and I will update this list as players confirm:-

1. Yvonne Ewing
2. Heather Stewart
3. Sandra Bell
4. Jenny Lawson
5. Vandana Hegde
6. Amy Anderson
7. Amanda Cutt
8. Yvonne Saunders
9. Pauline Selkirk
10. Lynsey Selkirk
11. Claire Dempster
12. Kim Black
13. Katie Black

14. Gillian Hayes
15. Joanne Macpherson
16. Gemma Clyde
17. Carol Hunter
18. Elaine Campbell
19. Gaynor McHaffie
20. Linda Gillies
21. Rae McClymont
22. Krystyna Goudie
23. Diane Colville
24. Shona Lucas
25. Denise Laing
26. Terri Lapsley
27. Karlyn Coghill
28. Jackie Williamson
29. Fiona Herd
30. Laura Colquhoun
31. Louise Hillman
32. Gemman Keenan
33. Jane Doig
34. Katie Paterson
35. Leanne Evans
36. Sarah Trudgett
37. Lisa Dominick
Edited by yvonne on 17-08-2009 15:23
SPA Tournament Director
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Posted on 16-07-2009 14:11
User Avatar


Posts: 21
Joined: 29.03.09

Count me in :-)
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Posted on 17-07-2009 13:04

Posts: 197
Joined: 27.03.09

Me and Gemma will be there.
#4 Print Post
Posted on 17-07-2009 18:25
Super Admin

Posts: 1069
Joined: 23.03.09

Updated, the highlighted players have confirmed attendance.
SPA Tournament Director
#5 Print Post
Posted on 18-07-2009 14:13
B Team

Posts: 342
Joined: 30.03.09

That's the semis sorted then lol! ;-)
There's always a finish!
#6 Print Post
Posted on 18-07-2009 23:41
Super Admin

Posts: 1069
Joined: 23.03.09

Claire wrote:
That's the semis sorted then lol! ;-)

Will you be gracing us with your presence this time miss dempster, gon on put a spanner in the works, give us a prelim lol
SPA Tournament Director
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Posted on 20-07-2009 14:19
B Team

Posts: 342
Joined: 30.03.09

My event is the week after Yvonne so i will if you will?Grin
There's always a finish!
#8 Print Post
Posted on 21-07-2009 10:33
B Team

Posts: 209
Joined: 30.03.09

i'll be there as per!!
#9 Print Post
Posted on 21-07-2009 13:56

Posts: 6
Joined: 30.03.09

ill be there
Harold C*nter Wooo hooo
#10 Print Post
Posted on 22-07-2009 08:50

Posts: 35
Joined: 31.03.09

katie and i will b there
#11 Print Post
Posted on 30-07-2009 17:16

Posts: 194
Joined: 30.03.09

Not sure if I'll make it, I may not be back in the country by then, so I'll need to confirm nearer the time. Sorry embarrassed
#12 Print Post
Posted on 13-08-2009 21:21
Super Admin

Posts: 1069
Joined: 23.03.09

Any more attending???
SPA Tournament Director
#13 Print Post
Posted on 17-08-2009 22:16
Super Admin

Posts: 1069
Joined: 23.03.09


Yvonne Ewing
Heather Stewart
Yvonne Saunders
Pauline Selkirk
Shona Lucas
Denise Laing
Laura Colquhoun
Jane Doig
Leanne Evans
Lisa Dominick
Kim Black
Katie Black
Gillian Hayes
Gemma Clyde
Vandana Hegde
Louise Hillman
Linda Gillies
Diane Colville
Terri Lapsley
Katie Paterson
Gemma Keenan
Amanda Cutt
Lynsey Selkirk
Elaine Campbell
Kathy Paton
Amy Anderson
Sarah Trudgett

Jenny Lawson
Jackie Williamson
Joanne Macpherson
Fiona Herd
Claire Dempster
Krystyna Goudie
Karlyn Coghill
Sandra Bell
Carol Hunter
Gaynor McHaffie

Rae McClymont

Edited by yvonne on 04-09-2009 23:02
SPA Tournament Director
#14 Print Post
Posted on 19-08-2009 11:21

Posts: 53
Joined: 02.04.09

I'll be there! Smile
Wee V
#15 Print Post
Posted on 29-08-2009 17:31
Super Admin

Posts: 1069
Joined: 23.03.09

Updated today, come on ladies - let me know if you are attending or not.
SPA Tournament Director
#16 Print Post
Posted on 31-08-2009 07:01

Posts: 197
Joined: 27.03.09

I know that Kathy is in Mexico just now and I'm not sure if she is back in time for this event.
#17 Print Post
Posted on 02-09-2009 23:24

Posts: 6
Joined: 30.03.09

Hey, unfortunately i wont be able to attend this anymore only got out of the hospital on monday and wont be recovered in time, apologies Harold xx
Harold C*nter Wooo hooo
#18 Print Post
Posted on 03-09-2009 16:02

Posts: 157
Joined: 30.03.09

Hope yer feeling better soon curly xx
Big up The Falkirk Mental! Scotlaaaaaaaaand!
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